About the Artist

Professional Muralist Artist Bethan Clayton


Bethan Clayton was born and raised in England where she graduated from Art College with a degree in "Surface Pattered Designs".  Bethan began her career designing plates for the prestigious Royal Doulton.

Upon arriving in the U.S., Bethan's initial focus was designing and painting custom fired tiles. Over the last 25 years her passion as an artist has been transforming walls and rooms into one-of-kind works of art, from simple flowers and vines to exceptional 3D scenes.

In the last few years, Bethan has had the pleasure of painting some of her favorite things in life, animals and flowers and not only on canvas, but on accessories such as leather bags, belts and more (can be personalized too). 

Her work has been featured several of times in the Orange County Register and Los Angeles Times newspapers. 

Bethan enjoys her clients' unbridled imagination and the challenge that every project brings!